Tip-toeing out of my Comfort Zone

For 10 years I have been nurturing my art career alongside raising a family. I’ve been selling my paintings at community markets, art shows and local galleries. For the past four years, I’ve been sharing my art on social media and have connected to an inspiring global community of fellow creators and those who appreciate the arts. Most of my sales have been from online platforms like Instagram and now Tiktok. I’m so grateful for this! Especially during a global pandemic when art shows have been cancelled and galleries were closed.

Even before Covid-19, artists have been trying to adapt to an evolving art market. How we share and sell our art is changing. I love the networks I have found on-line and I’ve found so much support for the art I’m offering. I’ve learned so much from other artists who are committed to making their art businesses successful.

My online community has encouraged me to keep creating and sharing: my paintings and my videography and… gulp, my writing. And all this, has got me thinking about Patreon. It’s inspiring to know there are people out there who believe in the arts, and possibly even the art I’m making, and some may even want to financially contribute to my art journey. I love the reciprocal nature of Patreon. We all benefit from the relationship. And I’m inspired to try.

And so… I’m working on setting up my Patreon account and figuring out what I can offer my future patrons. But this process brings up personal issues of worthiness. Am I worthy of this kind of support? Will anyone want to support me? Am I interesting enough? Blah, blah… I know…. artists struggle with this and it brings me comfort to know that I would NEVER question my artist friends doing this, so I’m working hard to apply this to my own art journey. Besides, time will tell if there are folks out there who enjoy supporting a middle-age mom on her quest to make and share her art. I mean, at the heart of it, it’s my soul’s offering to the world. It’s my legacy. To hopefully create beautiful things and to evoke deep feelings in others. Simple.

So with a giant leap of courage, I’m starting with this blog. Then hopefully soon, my Patreon account will be ready to launch and there will be goodies on there that may tempt someone to support me! Stay tuned! ~ Joanne

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