Day 14: The Oxford Canal

After yesterday’s long walk in the heat, today we decided to take it easy. I’ve always been curious about canal boats so my dad drove us to the Oxford Canal where we enjoyed a peaceful and flat 8 km walk next to the canal.

I got a solid introduction to canal boats, how the locks work and even helped out with opening one. I find it all fascinating. The engineering behind the locks system, the construction of the canals themselves and finally, the canal boating lifestyle. (The youtube video above shows some locks action!)


As we walked along the trail, many boats passed. They motor along a little faster than our walking pace, but they are slow enough to have a quick chat before they slowly pass. It seems like a relaxing way to spend your days. Not sure it’s for me (I think I’d get claustrophobic) but I can see the appeal.

I enjoyed the dragonflies and butterflies and the vegetation of cottonwoods, and willows reminded me of the town I grew up in. It was all reminiscent of living on the Ladner slough. It was a peaceful and interesting day. It was a good day to stretch out some stiff muscles.

Tomorrow is my last walk before I fly home on Sunday. My dad is picking a good one, I’m sure. I’m sad to be leaving. This part of the world has definitely has made an impression that will last a lifetime.


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