Welcome to my blog! The title “The Wayfaring Heart” is a nod to my restless spirit. ‘Wayfaring’ means to travel, typically on foot. A trek through Nepal many years ago changed my life so I identify with the wayfaring notion. But my spirit is a wayfarer too as it seeks out beauty and connection with nature… and it is also unrelenting in its quest to figure out the meaning of life! A tall task, I know.

I am an archaeologist, artist and mother who has a penchant for swimming in the ocean, exploring new places, filmmaking and writing. I live on a small island on the west coast of Canada where these days I’m focussed on pursuing my art while balancing the needs of a busy family!

This blog will be updated weekly with my latest creative pursuits including behind the scene tours of my studio, sneak peeks at my current work in progress, life updates and anything else that I think you may find helpful or inspiring to your own creative journey! We are all learning from each other and it’s inspiring for me to connect with others who pursue creativity, travel and the beauty of nature. Looking forward to connecting with you! Thanks for reading!

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