We are on our way!!! My dad and I left Pender Island today, Friday May 10th. For two weeks I will be travelling with my (70 years-young) father, David, to England and Wales. We will be walking on trails throughout the countryside towns of Somerset, Bath, and the Cotswolds- where my paternal family is originally from. My father has been to England many times and he has studied our family’s history at length. He knows where our relatives are buried (we will be visiting some of these graves) and some of the interesting places they were born- including a pub called The Blue Bowl (I can’t wait to have a pint there!). He has stacks of documents, maps, notes, etc. and I’m going try and read as much as I can! We both groove on history and connecting to the past like this is important to us both.

Today was rather momentous for me. I have never left my kids, well not for this long and I’ve never been more than a few hours away. Extricating myself out of my life for personal travel, has always been a challenge (note: #firstworldproblems). There was a time when traveling was all I did and all I dreamed about. But as we all know, life has a way of surprising you! Soon I had this amazing family and a life so full of love and as a result, I have grown strong Pender Island roots! It’s hard to leave!

And yes, it WAS hard leaving my kids and husband (and dog!) today. And yet, I’m excited to see and learn new things. I’m curious to see if I will feel that connection to England, like my dad does~ deep within his bones. I wonder if my notion of ‘home’ will be expanded somehow? What I do know is that my wanderlust is about to come out of a 16 year hibernation!

Until tomorrow …. xo Joanne

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